Social Media Success Program


For business owners who manage their own online marketing and want to do it simply & effectively

The only BS you need in your online business is a Business Strategy.

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The Social Media Success Program 

Who is this Program for?

For business owners who manage their own online marketing and want to do it simply & effectively 💪

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***Gain ALL access ON SIGNUP !!!! ***


The only BS you need in your online business is a Business Strategy.


CUT the CRAP and Only do what you need to do to manage your business online to get customers (again and again).


Who wants to fine tune their skills & expertise?
Become known for their genius?
Are able to charge more because they have a good online business, and are passionate about not just ‘spitting’ on socials?


Let me show you how to create a social media strategy, in the most simplest way to manage, which makes your life easier whilst generating you clients.


Do you want to spend less of your time and get better results online?

Would you like to get paying customers ?


Getting results online isn’t just about likes, engagement and pretty pictures…. Its about getting customers.

And it’s not cookie cutter….. It’s not one size fits all. Every business requires a strategy based on what your business is, what your offer is and what they are hoping to achieve.


Many business owners outsource to VAS / digital marketers who may have some design skill or may even kinda understand how the platform works, but its knowing and understanding the business and using a strategy that will get you actual results and in a much quicker time.


After getting my Diploma in Social Media Marketing, I have gone on to help business owners worldwide to Get clients, Create opportunities, Grow their business, manage their Social media more effectively, and implement the systems to manage it more simply. Its only then, that you could ever think of outsourcing or moving into Ads.


This Program Includes:

– Developing A Social Media and email marketing Strategy
– How to simply manage it all to get the best results without wasting your time or losing your sanity
– How to Set up and effectively use Facebook, Google my Business, Instagram, LinkedIn & YouTube
– Website Traffic and building your list
– How email marketing & retargeting will make you sales while you sleep
– A social media content plan and strategy


(Stalk my +166 positive reviews ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE from business owners who are GETTING RESULTS)
AND I’d like to show you HOW!!!!

It can be tough in this new online world!

So I’d like to hold your hand, support and coach you to get AWESOME RESULTS.


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What you will get:


> Workbook
> 10 Training Sessions

> Tasks to Implement in your business to start getting customers

At the end you will know how to:

~ Create Solid Branding and messaging for your business and your clients.
~ Have the Confidence to Use Social Media (even when it changes)
~ Know how to set up and run your socials
~ Clarity on effectively communicating what the business owner does thats outstanding.
~ Know how to market a Desirable Offer and get actual paying clients
~ Create An Abundance of Content that not only Engages, but gets enquiries
~ Understand how to Grow their Audience with the right people who will buy.
~ How to create income producing opportunities, joint collaborations and partnerships, and network
~ Develop an effective Action Plan that will generate the business enquiries, opportunities and sales.
~ Read Insights and optimise your strategy
~ Ways to Manage it day to day
~ Understand how to promote challenges, competitions, build a list, grow a podcast, sell a program, get discovery calls, run webinars and promote an event without paying for ads.


Course Modules: 

  1. Biz brain-dump
  2. Offer and audience
  3. Facebook 101
  4. Facebook mastery
  5. Instagram
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Google My Business
  8. YouTube
  9. Website traffic, email marketing & building your list
  10. Social media content strategy, customer journey, templates & tools

In each week’s module, you will find the recording, with the Homework, and the Templates found in the MATERIALS section.


So What Are You Waiting For ???