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8 Week Facebook Mastery 

Within this program, Chantal will work with you to create a Professional Profile that you can be Confident in using and that’s going to attract your Ideal Client and Generate Income Making Results.

This program is best suited to those business owners who like to work with a coach, need accountability and feedback.

Week 1

.This week examines:

  • Preparing for Success on Facebook.
  • SPICES, Mindset, Wheel of Life.
  • Time & Calendar management.
  • Competitors analysis.
  • Online Success and Brain dump.


Week 3

This week examines:

  • Your Facebook Page vs Personal profile.
  • Page setup: Settings Differentiation.
  • Page growth.
  • Niche Services.
  • Shop Banner.
  • About Messenger Auto-response.
  • Appointments Page roles.
  • The 7 fundamentals of Facebook.
  • How Facebook works.
  • Privacy settings.

Week 5

This week examines:

  • Content templates. 
  • Pitching – desirable offer and pricing. 
  • The customer journey. 


Week 7

This week, we will be examining:

  • How to generate and convert leads. 
  • Turning opportunities into Clients.


Week 2

This week examines:

  • Facebook Fundamentals & your profile.
  • Personal branding
  • Facebook world 


Chapter 4 : Interaction and Motion

This week examines:

  • The content bucket.
  • Social proof, success stories and credibility.
  • Engaging your audience.
  • Pitching, Call to Action, POD.

Week 6

This week examines:


  • Networking. 
  • Growth.
  • Groups, events and risks.
  • Responsibility, roles and agreements.

Week 8

This week examines:

How to put your 8 weeks into a strategy specific for your business!